Friday, July 4, 2014

Pets and Summer Heat

Summer comes and your pet loves to go out side, but your dog can really feel the heat. Its important to keep your dog cool, its very vital for his/hers well being. It will also help your dog to stop all that dribbling and painting all over the house.

It important to provide constant access to fresh and clean water. Keeping a dog bowl filled with water where your dog has access to it at all times. If your dog drinks the water quickly you may want to invest in a bigger bowl. Enact a family roster to ensure that someone is always remembering to check and refill the bowl when needed.

Giving your dog the place to get wet is not a bad idea either. A small kiddie pool is a great container for them to jump into and keep cool. A sprinkler is not a bad idea either. 

In the house in the AC is the best place for your dog. It provides him with a comfortable shelter from the heat. If your dog is out side, place a dog bed on the porch in the shade.

Also avoid hot ground under your dogs paws, hot pavement can burn your dogs pads severely. There are dog booties if you dog permits you to put them on and use them.

Giving your dog a short hair cut will also help if he has thick hair. This will help keep him properly cooled so he doesn't get heat stroke.

You can also give your dog cool or cold treats. Keep his food in the fridge prior to feeding. Or make some dog Popsicles to provide both cooling and entertainment.

Limit your dog's exercise in summer heat. Playing in the sun for long periods can take a toll on your dog. You may even consider skipping your daily long walk, until the sun is down and its cooler out side. 

The most important tip is to never ever leave your dog in the car, even if the window is cracked. It is dangerous, and does not take long for the heat to kill your beloved pet.

For short haired breeds, they can get sunburn. Make sure to check their skin, and even apply some sunscreen before they go out.

Follow these tips and have a safe pet friendly summer!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Swimmers Hair

If you or your family members swim often, you may start to notice your hair becoming brittle. If you have blond hair, you may notice your hair is starting to turn a greenish tint. Don't dread, its a very super easy fix.

The first step is protecting your hair. This can be done with simply wearing a swimmers cap. Wet your hair before you swim is another tip. You can also apply a quarter sized amount of conditioner and run it through your hair. This helps your hair so the chemicals in the pool water won't get absorbed easy. 

After your pool swim, don't brush your hair without using a leave in conditioner, or regular conditioner. It's always a good idea to shower immediately after your swim is finished. 

When buying shampoo and conditioner for the summer, look for shampoo that removes chlorine. And make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner. You can also use olive oil to bring moisture into your hair, doing this once a week helps tremendously.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BBQ Fruit

Fruit that is barbecued has the most delicious flavor. It is intense, and often cause's the fruit to taste even juicier. As you grill it, the juices start to bubble to the surface, this is making it extra sweet and delicious. Barbecued fruit at the end of your meal is even a great way end. It ends the same way it started around the barbecue.

However, not all fruit are suitable for barbecuing, and some fruit taste better then others, so its important to know your fruits.

Fresh fruits suitable for barbecuing –- a recommended serving portion of fruit is approximately, 5 to 7 oz per person:

Pome fruits: apples, quinces, pears (being fibrous, these can withstand longer cooking times); in wedges, slices or halves

Stone fruits: nectarines, peaches, apricots, plums and cherries, etc. (wooden skewers, as in shish-kebabs, can prevent smaller pieces falling through the grate)

Melons (preferably ones just approaching ripeness), and watermelons are especially good cut into large "steak" slices

Tropical fruits, such as pineapple (the number one choice), carambolas, papaya, mangoes and so forth

Some berries –- strawberries are very good, but be aware that most berries break down when barbecued

Tinned fruits aside from tinned pineapple (drained and patted dry) are not really ideal, unless they're wrapped in foil

Citrus fruits are not always ideal; you're better off using citrus juice as a sauce option, although kumquats can grill well

Although soft and delicate, peeled banana can barbecue well, if it is cut in small portions and threaded onto a skewer, or barbecued whole in the skin (this is often done with chocolate drops pressed through the skin into the flesh of the banana).

A baste – a baste made from spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg or allspice (to taste) is recommended. To make it, mix your choice of spices from the suggested ones in 2 or 3 tablespoons of melted butter or orange juice. Apply to the fruit as needed.

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