Monday, June 30, 2014

Pepper Joe's Hot and Spicy Seasoning's

Now that grilling season is in full bloom, I was happy to receive some seasoning mix from a company named Pepper Joe's

Pepper Joe's was nominated for being the world's most influential pepper grower. He grows his peppers from 100% organic seeds, nothing genetically altered. Sounds great! The owner started this company from a small garden in PA, and has taken it to the level it is today. His peppers are talked about and used all over the World. So I was excited to see how they we're going to taste on tonight's dinner menu, chicken and steak. So lets get grilling.

First up was the sweet heat seasoning from Pepper Joe's. Made with pure natural ingredients. I coated all my chicken pieces with nothing but the season packet sent to me. It gave the chicken a red tint, but the real judge of the product would be the taste. And I must tell you, the taste was a party in everyone's mouth. The chicken had so many flavors going on, it was sweet and spicy at the same time. You get the sweetness from the honey powder and the unrefined raw sugar, and the heat from chili powder, and a unique back taste from Turkish coffee that was in the seasoning. You don't need to add any salt and pepper to the meat, the seasoning is all I needed. 

Now for the Montreal steak seasoning, I used it two ways. On a grilled pot roast was the first way. Seasoned only with the packet sent, the entire roast was coated then placed on the grill. It was cooked to perfection, moist and tasty, and gone in seconds. The Montreal steak seasoning packet was complete with all the right spices. You had your salt which was kosher, and your black pepper. The meat needed nothing else.

I also coated some hamburgers, and a piece of extra pot roast, with the Montreal seasoning but also added some of the sweet heat. The two combined together gave it a sweet, spicy, Latin flavor. This is due to the Montreal steak seasoning having coriander seed in the mix. Needless to say the meal was a great hit, and there we're no left overs.

If you want to know more about Pepper Joe's go to the website, waiting is a ton of information.

Disclaimer: Momzblotter has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzblotter has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzblotter did receive a free product to try out so Momzblotter could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzblotter's thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Review for Brianna's Salad Dressing's

This review today is for Brianna's salad dressings. I received two yesterday and was eager to taste them, and share my findings with my readers.

Let me tell you a little history about the company first. The company was founded over 30 years ago, in Austin Texas. The products came from wanting to create superior products that families would be proud to buy and use. Named after the owners daughter, and grandson the products grew to be some of the most popular salad dressings today. So lets give them a try.

First up, of course I made salad. And the first dressing used was the ginger mandarin, on a mandarin salad. I just could not resist using the dressing in a original way. You often find mandarin salads in your local salad spots, but with this dressing, I think you going to be making them at home more often. The taste was fantastic, a hint of the far east with the delicious taste of the mandarin and ginger. The perfect blend of sweet and tangy. Another great fact is in every bite you are getting a all natural product. 

I didn't stop here with the dressing, I made some chicken to use both dressings on. For my first chicken dish, I pan seared some chicken breast, then added it to more salad along with poppy seed, tomato and bacon. The ingredients all tossed in the ginger mandarin dressing to coat, and I created a full meal, that tasted better then my local restaurant. 

The next dressing to taste was the classic buttermilk ranch. For this I made a salad wedge, topped with the buttermilk dressing and some fresh tarragon. The dressing was just the right thickness, and very creamy. You got the taste of buttermilk in every bite. And was the best tasting buttermilk ranch I have tasted in a long time. Made also with pride using all natural ingredients. 

But I had left over chicken, and wanted to try the dressing there as well. So with some extra lettuce, cucumbers and chicken and black beans I created a salad with the buttermilk ranch dressing, and it was out of this world. 

Dressing's don't have to be just for salads, they work great in many recipes. So if your looking for some great dressings to try, give Brianna's a try. Visit there website for more information, and even some great recipes.

Disclaimer: Momzblotter has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzblotter has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzblotter did receive a free product to try out so Momzblotter could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzblotter's thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

Grilled Pineapple Chicken

This is my recipe for grilled pineapple chicken and white rice.

For the chicken I used a package of chicken legs, that I par boiled in order for them to cook fully on the grill. While that was boiling, I started my rice. Two cups water to one cup rice. I boil my water with seasonings in it and then when ready pour the rice in, cover turn to a simmer and cook twenty minutes, exactly. After twenty minutes I remove the lid and put a dish towel over my pot and place the lid back on. This removes the excess moisture from the pot, giving you a nice firm rice. 

Next after ten minutes of par boiling the chicken, I remove the legs and transfer them to the grill. The sauce I used was Sweet Baby Ray's Hawaiian BBQ. As the chicken is grilling I apply my BBQ sauce. I also cut some fresh pineapple to grill as well, with no seasonings. The fresh pineapple grills in its own juicy sweetness.
Since the chicken is already parboiled, it should only have to grill 15 minutes on each side. I grill my pineapple last on a veggie sheet until brown on each side.

It's that fast and easy. Plate it up with your pineapple slices on the bottom your chicken on top, and rice on the side.

GRILLING TIP: Put some oil in a plastic container. Fold a large square of paper towel and place in the oil. Before you grill, take tongs and grab the paper towel. Let excess oil drip off and then wipe your grill. This will not only season the grill, but keep the food from sticking.

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Coffeecake Connection Company Review

There was a knock at the door today, and a box was dropped off. When I opened it there they we're. Cake a lette's and brownies, and cookies from the Coffeecake Connection Company. There for me to taste and review. 

After years in Corporate America, the owner of the company turned her passion for baking into a business that gives the gift of food. And I was so delighted that she gave me the opportunity to try her products. She was very gracious with the products and the entire family was very willing to try them out. So after dinner by the pool, we gave them a taste.

Let me start with the box the product came in. If I was giving it for a gift, it would be ready to go. The brown box was tied with golden raffia, and inside colorful crinkle paper.

First up was the cake a lette's. The company sent several. cinnamon swirl, triple berry and chocolate chip. So the first taste was the cinnamon swirl. Packaged in a cute dome clear container was this delightful treat. It looked good, smelled good and yes it tasted good. The aroma when you opened the dome hit your nose with the cinnamon and sugar smell. My husband got this one and after the first bite was in heaven. It was very tasteful and moist, and oh so yummy. Went down great with our evening cup of coffee.

With my cup of coffee, I choose the triple berry cake a lette. This two bursted with berry scents when you opened the dome. Made from fresh plump berries, moist and very tasteful. Tasting it only made me want another. But I had to share, so my daughter got the next one. 

For my daughter, the chocolate chip cake a lette was saved. And who doesn't like this combo, especially kids. I made her save me a bite to tell everyone about. The cake a lette was very buttery tasting, with enough chocolate chips that you got one in every bite. This also was moist and very tasteful.

Each cake a lette is gluten free, and made with only the finest ingredients.

Also we got to taste two brownies and two cookies from the company. The first brownie was chocolate caramel. My son tried this one. With my bite of it, I can tell you it was out of this world. The brownie was rich and fudge. You not only got the taste of good chocolate but caramel chips in every bite. This I warmed up for him with a side of vanilla ice cream and it was spectacular. Moist, rich, and full of flavor, and did I mention also gluten free.

The next brownie we divided and that was the fudge chocolate brownie. And no we are not full yet. This rich fudge gluten free brownie burst with flavor in every bite. We warmed this up and served with a tasting of chocolate ice cream for a double chocolate dose. This brownie was firm and moist at the same time. The brownie just melted in our mouths. You will not want box brownies after tasting these. 

For my daughters friends, and some for me, was the cookies. There was a snicker doodle cookie and a sugar cookie. I never had a snicker doodle cookie before, and must say it was fantastic. The cookies are gluten free as well. It was a soft chew cookie that my daughter friend had with milk. It was nut free and baked to perfection. 

The sugar cookie went to my daughters other friend and the last bite for me. This to went with a glass of very cold milk, Santa would really enjoy this one. It was moist, and soft, and had just the right sugar amount. Also it was like all the other products gluten free. 

If you want more information on the Coffeecake Connection company check out their website. There are other products and gift packs to choose from.

Disclaimer: Momzblotter has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzblotter has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzblotter did receive a free product to try out so Momzblotter could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzblotter's thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

Bird Baths

A birdbath that is carefully placed in your yard or garden, can bring stunning new species of birds to your home. The placement of the birdbath is critical. This is so the birds will feel safe when they visit the bath.

 When you have your birdbath, you must decide first where the best place is to set it up. The birds must be able to access the bath easily, and feel safe doing so. You don't want to place the bath by any bush's. Remember cats are birds natural predators, and can easily be hiding in those bush's. And besides that birds will avoid proximity to those types of plantings. It's best to keep the birdbath out in a area that is open. Also you will want to place the bath in a area that gets midday shade. Some sun is important, but you want to seek a balance, this helps to ensure birds will visit.

You can get great pleasure from watching your feathered friends visiting your bath. Make sure to keep your birdbath filled with water. Tap water is the best way, because this water will not contain lead, as a hose filling will.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Coleslaw with Italian dressing & Lemon

If your looking for a different way to make coleslaw, try this version. Its fast and easy and oh so good.

Get one bag of coleslaw mix in the salad section of the grocery store. Add that to your bowl, with some sliced cherry tomato's and diced cucumber. Then cut a lemon in half and squeeze into the coleslaw mix. Get some good Italian dressing and slowly add to the mix until coated to your liking. Toss until well mixed. A pinch of salt and your done. Wrap with some plastic wrap and put in the fridge until chilled. Great with just about any meat dish. Even on top of a pulled pork sandwich.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Dogs and July 4th

The fourth of July may be lots of fun for you and your friends, but not for your pets. Your pet can be harmed or even killed by the things you love best about this Holiday. Most dogs, are in danger of the fireworks, and other aspects of a party. Leaving beer around can lore a dog for a sneak drink. The dog can also be frightened by large crowds, especially if taken to a parade.

You know this time of year fireworks are inevitable, and dogs trying to find recluse can even run away from the home. Its important to pay close attention to their reactions, and especially do not crate during loud noises. Doing that makes a dog very insecure, and trapped.

Take this time of year to ensure your pets information is up to date in case they escape. Do this by getting a tag or even microchip with all the information needed. If your dog wears a collar make sure it fits securely and comfortably. This helps if the dog runs and you or someone try's to grab the collar and it doesn't slip off. A microchip can be scanned if your dog is found and taken to the vet. Plan your party carefully. 

Know the do's and the don'ts. Glow sticks can are very toxic for dogs, and look to them like colorful chew toys. Beer and food left lying around can be toxic as well. It will do best to decide on a place where your dog can stay by you, if your having a party in your yard. Maybe even consider keeping him on a leash so he is by your side. You can also choose to contain him to a room with a baby gate. If your dog gets extremely stressed by the Fourth of July activities maybe you can even move him to a location like a friends or family members house that is not as active. If you are leaving the dog inside you may also want to make sure all windows and doors are closed, this will muffle the sounds. Leave a TV or radio on to sooth the pet. Also this may be a good time to ask your guests and their children to just leave the dog alone on this day. A anxious dog can react unlike their usual self. 

Going to the parade, try introducing your dog to it slowly. Let the dog adjust to the sight, smells and noise as you get closer. Keep the pet under control at the parade also, you don't want your pet to upset other animals in the parade, or scare others watching.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

How to grow carrots in a pot

Did you know that you can grow smaller varieties of carrots in planter pots. In fact, they thrive in them when planted correctly. All you need to do is make sure your planter pot is a deep container allowing the edible root to grow. Keep the soil wet to ensure proper growth. And you are off to harvest your carrots.

To get started you need to select the carrot variety that typically adapts. This is any small variety, usually rounded, such as the thumbelina, parmex or parisienne carrot. There are also several others you can choose from. Next find the right pot, it should be at least one foot deep, or even more. Because the carrot develops underground, you need to make sure there is enough root system space. Adequate water drainage is important, so the roots do not rot. It doesn't matter the material of the pot, it can be clay, plastic, even stone.

Before planting make sure you clean your pot well with soap and water. You don't want bacteria or microscopic insect eggs hiding inside.

When choosing your potting media, try a mixture of red soil, decomposed compost and a sand mix in equal portions. Then plant as early as March. You then poke holes in your potting media and place up to two to three carrot seeds into each hole. After planting make sure to add enough water to supersaturate your plotting media.

Lastly place you pot impartial sun partial shade. Carrots tolerate shade well, and only need up to six hours of sun each day. During very hot days you will want to water twice a day. You don't want your potting media to get dry for any extended periods of time.

Caring for your carrots is easy also. Fertilize once a week to encourage growth. When the height of of your germinated greens reach one inch, cut the greens off at the soil with scissors until only one seedling remains in each hole. If there is any greens that seem to bend over, add more planting media around them so they stand correctly. If roots begin to peek through, add media there as well.
You can care for your carrots also by using a anti fungal spray to kill mildew or other fungi. Carrots are very prone to develop mildew if to wet. This can happen because you are watering, and then there is a heavy rain. 

Your carrots are ready to harvest in about two to two and a half months, depending on the type you chose to grow.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Review Queen Creek Olive Oil

From Queen Creek Olive Mill, I received three bottles of their Olive Oil's. The company comes from the Valley of the sun, Arizona. The couple Perry and Brenda Rea are the proud owners of Queen Creek Olive Mill, and are producing great products, since,1998 until the present time. 

So for dinner I am using each flavor received from the salad to the main course, and creating a Italian dinner.

For the salad, I used the bottle of Queen Creek Olive Mill balance oil. It went on a tossed salad that I made, directly from the bottle, then added a few teaspoons of wine vinegar also. The olive oil is what stood out the most. Giving the salad a hint of olive taste without the presence of olives. It wasn't over powering at all. The way this Extra Virgin Oil is made is by being cold pressed. Made with fresh olives, and giving you a fruity peppery taste. Very Good!

Next I used the bottle of Robust Oil for a dipping sauce with Italian bread. Into the dip was some mixed herbs and the oil. This olive oil like all the others at Queen Creek are cold pressed. The olives are harvested early, thus producing a flavor of grass, artichoke, and green apple and a peppery flare. Which makes it perfect for what I was using it for.

Last up was the delicate olive oil, and this I used for pasta. The sauce for the pasta was made with the olive oil, salt and pepper, and minced fine garlic, with a spoonful of red pepper flakes. The milled olive oil gave the pasta a very fresh taste. It was mellow yet bold. The overtones of the oil we're buttery, and fruity at the same time. The olives used for this oil came from, fresh olives that we're harvested late, and we're ripe when picked.

Queen Creek Olive Mill not only makes these fine tasting olive oils, but other great products as well. If you would like to find out more, please visit their website, or even their store if you are in the area. You'll truly be delighted with the products.

Disclaimer: Momzblotter has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzblotter has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzblotter did receive a free product to try out so Momzblotter could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzblotter's thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

Family time Dinner time

Times today, are not like times past. Today both moms and dads have very busy schedules, and don't take much time to eat as a family. Most times today families are eating separately. What most families are missing, is the perfect time to spend reconnecting with family. Maybe some of these tips will help a family to get to know each other better around the dinner table.

 If at all possible try to schedule dinner at a time when all family members will be home. Then make this the time your regular dinner time.

Give each family member a task. Ask them to work as a team preparing meals, so that when everyone is home, the meal is ready to eat.

Once everyone has their seat at the table, give them a chance to discuss their day, or pick someone different each night to start a conversation. You can even create dinner time games for families with children. Ask to name the capitols of each State. It will start a conversation, and help with schooling at the same time. All while sitting together eating at the dinner table.

After dinner, if possible, let the family time continue on. If you have children, sit at the table while having dessert and do homework. Or if its the weekend, suggest the family spend a few hours together by watching a movie.

When spending time at the dinning table, you are also teaching your family and children the important lesson of family bonding. You give your children a lesson they can carry on when they have families of their own. Having dinner together is important if the family can do it. It brings family together, close, and in touch.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Find your makeup fast & easy

If you are one of those people whom constantly dig for their makeup, try a few of these tips. Start by creating a organizational system, that keeps everything in site and in check. You can do this with using a simple silverware tray, allowing you to divide and know where all your make up is.

 It wouldn't hurt either to shift thru your makeup and get rid of the old and in with some new. Old makeup over a year old can start to harbor bacteria, which can cause some health issues. Also it's a great idea to check the date on your makeup, and ditch the outdated stuff as well.

 You can also evaluate your makeup by categorizing it into piles. This will help you choose the right kind of silverware organizer to get. Don't forget to consider whether or not your makeup tools will go into your new organizer. If not you can get other great organizers to put your brushes, tweezers, and other tools in. Another tip is to put your makeup in your silverware organizer by season. This will save space and time. Season and day or evening makeup, is what you want to work on.

 When buying your silverware tray, make sure to measure your drawer space before hand. If for some reason it will not fit in a drawer, you can keep it in your bathroom closet. You may even consider more then one silverware tray. The typical silverware organizer tray will have long and short slots which works great for different makeup items. The silverware tray also comes in different materials, so consider what will work best for you. If you want your tray to be visible, than you may want to choose one that is more fancy, maybe made of wood, or a color that match's your room.

Try these tips and get organized

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Have a river Adventure

Many of us choose the seashore, but did you know the river can be just as fun and exciting. Anytime by water is relaxing, but you can relax just as much by the river as you do the seashore. 

Paddling down the river in a boat, canoe, even a tube can provide a day of not only fun, but relaxation. You can do this with family and friends, or even with a professional river guide. 

Of course when going in the river, it is always wise to use a part that is not dangerous, and used by regular river adventurers.

Not only can you paddle yourself on the river, but there are spots that permit you to camp as well. Most of the time these spots are along a state park, so check locally with the park for camping restrictions.

If you are going down the river for a long distance, it would be best to get dropped off at your starting point. Letting the person know, where your ending point will be and then getting picked up.

You may also want to choose the right friends to go with. Not all people are comfortable in a boat or other water craft. You don't want to get half way thru your trip and have to turn around because your friend can't handle it.

It's also fun to go on a river adventure with a guide. They can provide everything you need to know about making your trip fun and safe. 

It's not a bad idea to take some basic things for any emergency's. Especially a first aide kit, and a water proof carrier for your cell phone. Also make sure you are dressed for the part. I would not recommend high heels for boating. Wear the right clothing for the right season. And don't forget bug spray. Helmets might not be a bad idea either. Make sure you also protect your personal id. Elastic rope or soft rope for tie ups are also a great item to have with you.

If you adventure includes pulling up to land to cook or spend the night, make sure you have everything you need. And make sure its packed properly. Packing enough water is very important, not only to drink, but to put any camp fires out. Make sure no matter what you take, that its water tight. Match's also, these will come in handy. And most important life vests. Carry simple things that you will need, try not to over pack.

Go over a drill with your friends, talk about what you will do if there is a emergency. Such as a fall, or a capsize. Make sure everyone knows how to swim, taking someone whom doesn't could become a difficult situation. It's all about having fun and being safe, not getting on the water being silly. Being safe is what it is all about. Also be aware of your surroundings if you pull off. Make sure to respect and cherish the environment around you. This means, be aware of animals and plants in the area that you will be using. You don't want a snake bite, or be up against a bad plant. 

The bottom line, have fun, and keep it safe.

Hat for mommy and baby

Please pay attention,there have different quantity.Please confirm it before you buy ! 【Size:Baby---23*15CM/9.1*5.9",Mom---30*4...