Friday, March 30, 2012


Modeling with marzipan is a very easy way to create figurines that can be eaten. Marzipan is a combination of sugar and almond meal, and it is often shaped into little fruits. For Easter, a marzipan bunny is an ideal delight to give as gifts and to place on the Easter table as edible decorations. These can also be added to a cake as a topper

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Take time to de-stress in a bath

Had a long day, try de-stressing in your bath. Take time, and relax, to reduce the stress of the day. Make a feel good bath, with some candles, soft music, and bath salts. It is the warm bath, that will help you relax, and calm those tensed nerves. Also it helps improve your health, not just your beauty.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rambutan weird looking fruit

Rambutan, a native of Southeast Asia, now grows in tropical climates all over the world. The leaves differ from one variety to another, but the hairy or spiky red (when mature) fruits are unmistakable. Rambut is the Malay word for "hair". Try one next time you're in the tropics! In Costa Rica they are known as "Mamon Chino" or Chinese Sucker for the way the fruit is eaten and that they are like a lychee fruit from China. The fruits are abundant in Central America

Monday, March 19, 2012

How to make your ferret a happy ferret

There are many ways to dook your ferrets. Dook means the little giggle that ferrets make. You can also get them to do the 'weasel war dance' and here is how: Nip train your ferret so that he knows how to interact with you gently, and you don't have to fear using your hands to "wrestle" with him. Roll the ferret on to their back and tickle their tummy gently. If they grab you with their arms rock them back and forth on their back and maybe slide them a bit. Drag a vinyl tube on the floor for your ferret to chase. When they catch it, pick up the other end and drag in the opposite direction. Billow a sheet on the floor for your ferret to jump on and crawl under. Tickle them through the sheet with your hand or toe. Ferrets love chasing things! (Items needed; old sock, shoestring, and a dog or cat) Get a sock and tie it to the shoestring Tie the string to your dogs tail, sit back and enjoy the show. Make or buy rattle toys. Handmade "Crochet eggs" that can be ordered online are especially fun. Empty child-proof prescription bottles filled with beads (or what have you) make good rattles. Always ensure rattle toys are well sealed.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Get the kids away from tv and video games

Does it seem that the kids have forgotten what the garden looks like or the park across the street? Is their conversation dotted with TV show lingo and do they base their next week's schedule around what's on TV? And the big question - are your kids glued to the TV all the time? If so, time to take control and give them a new lease on life that does not revolve around the box.

Hat for mommy and baby

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