Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dogs Drugs and Schools

Drug dogs are used to actively and persistently sniff out illegal drugs, and now they are using them in schools. This helps to deter students, from bringing illegal drugs on school grounds, as well as into classrooms. Students need to know they can not hide drugs from these dogs. And know that the dogs can be brought onto school grounds at any time. School officials can invite a police officer and a drug dog to search the school at any time.

The school officials can notify students and parents that dogs may be used to search for contraband. This helps make everyone comfortable with the program. Knowing the policy before hand, helps with any complaints or lawsuits later on. However, the search can be implemented at any time without advance notice. The dog usually does not have contact with a student. If drugs are found it is usually up to the administrator or police on how it is handled.

Having these types of programs help reduce the drug problem in schools. It's a great partnership for a drug free America.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Know about Diamonds before you buy

Diamonds, a girl's best friend, or are they? They mean Love, and are given for almost any reason, on any occasion. But would you have wanted that diamond if you knew that a six year old dug it for you, and it took them 12 hours. Or that a man worked 18 hours, and was beaten through most of it. Do you really know where diamonds come from? Well by the end of reading this post you will. And you will be better prepared before ever buying one again.

Most diamonds are from Africa, where they are mined with bare hands. They often fiance civil wars, and put human lives in danger. These diamonds are called blood diamonds better known as conflict diamonds.

When going to your retailer, inform yourself with the knowledge and laws of buying diamonds. Ask if your diamond is conflict free. Ask for the certificate, and if buying rough cuts never buy stones from Angola, Liberia or Sierra Leone, nor the Dem of Republic of Congo.

The best rule of thumb is to ask many questions to your retailer. You want to ask them questions on the company's conflict diamond policy under the Kimberley Process, and the World Diamond Councils Chain of Warranties. If your retailer does not know about these two things, and you buy their diamond you will be contributing to a civil war, that is killing many men, women and children.

Make sure your diamond has a written guarantee that it is conflict free. The law states that new regulation laws ( Kimberley process ) retailers must provide this guarantee. If not. that is a good hint your diamond is a blood diamond. And was obtained through illegal harvesting.

Retailers that share information with you, are abiding by diamond laws. Be informed about diamond laws before you purchase one.

If given documentation that does not look right, or if your retailer had a hard time answering your questions, something is wrong. If you don't feel comfortable, than leave the diamond there.

Just knowing you took the time to ensure a safe purchase will give you piece of mind that you are not supporting terrorism. Being a informed consumer is one step to changing that in the world.


Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY Wrinkles out of your cotton

What you will need:
  • Fabric steamer
  • Clothes dryer or blow dryer
  • Hanger
  • Wrinkle remover product
Cotton is a versatile fabric. It is comfortable, and can give you a cool feeling when wearing it. But one problem is. it can get wrinkled. There are several ways to remove wrinkles from your cotton wear.

One way to get wrinkles out is to steam your garmet with a fabric steamer. If you use this method, make sure you start at the bottom. And follow the manufacturers directions.

Also you can heat your cotton garmet. Spray your garmet with water and place in your dryer for 15 minutes on a medium heat. Than hang on a hanger when done. You can also dampen your garmet and dry with a blow dryer, and hang up afterwards. Once again do this and follow the manufactures directions.

Another method is to hang your garmet in a steamy bathroom, this will remove wrinkles. Run your shower hot water for five minutes and stretch your fabric with your hands. Pull out any wrinkles the garmet may have.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Be a responsible pet owner even before-hand

There are many animals on the streets right now, and in shelters where sometimes they end up being put down. There are over population of animals due to not spaying or neutering. So before you go out and get a pet you should ask yourself and your family a few questions. This will help to make sure your lifestyle is compatible to having a pet. Also discuss with your family, or ask yourself if you have the money to be a responsible pet owner. Owning pets are a long term commitment, and if you are not prepared you should not own animals. Just because you want a pet, doesn't mean you should have one. Pet's not only need love, they need other things. So it is important to make sure your lifestyle can handle a pet in it. If you are not willing to change your lifestyle. than a pet will not fit into your life. If your work hours are long, and you are not able to walk and give your pet attention, and are not willing to hire a dog sitter than this is another reason to forget owning a pet. All pets need attention and exercise.
It doesn't matter if you adopt your pet or purchase a purebred. a pet is a pet and they are a financial commitment. They need regular vet visits, shots, emergency care, and sometimes special food. If this does not fit into your financial needs, then once again a pet is not for you.
Pets can have alot of energy, which means you will need patience and dedication. Some pets will need to be handled on a regular basis. Some need to be potty trained. Ask your self, is this something you can do, or your family can do.
Do some research also, don't just go out and get a pet, so you can brag that you have a certain type of pet because it's cool. Your pet should fit you as well. It should fit into the size of home or apartment you live in, what kind of cage you can afford to fit into your home if need be etc.
Also don't over populate your self with pets, or before you know it you become a hoarder. It's one thing to love pets, it's another to go overboard and stress the animal as well as your self.
Some pets grow, and look cute as babies, and that's why they are purchased. And once they are adults, they require more, food and attention as well. So know from the start that you are in it for the long haul.
If you think you can answer all these questions in a positive way, than you will be ready for a pet to come into your life.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Removing facebook events

If you have a face book account you may want to do this. Remove face book events. What is this, well face book events are a tool for planners to advertise and to keep track of quests for their events. Face book users can select attending or not attending even maybe attending, this allows planners to know of your intentions. However long lists of events can congest news feeds and make your face book aesthetically displeasing. A planner does not know if someone viewed an event prior to removing it. To remove, you log into your Face book. Go to your news feed. This is at the top left of the page. Then on the right side of your news feed screen, there is a section called upcoming events on the sidebar. There will be a list you have not RSVP'ed to yet. Just put a x next to each event to remove it. You will be asked to confirm and click yes. Click on see all, to see all events that you have not RSVPed to, and click the status of the event. On the right side of it click remove event.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Gourd Spoon DIY

A great easy craft to do yourself and with the kids are gourd spoons. You can hang them in your home as a rustic decoration. But they are also great for food utensils.

The material you will need:
  • Mild detergent
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Small sauce pan
  • Mineral oil
  • Beeswax
  • Stove top
  • Tempered glass jar
  • Clean cloth
You will begin by cleaning the outside of your gourds this will remove any pesticides or dirt from the garden. Then hang and dry your gourds in a cool dry place for six months. The light has to be limited, like in a cellar. When the gourd is dry it will be as hard as wood. After it is dry cut the round top of the edge with a sharp knife. You want to remove less than half at the wide part to reveal the inside of the gourd. After that you will scrape the dried insides out. With fine grit sandpaper rub the inside and around the cut edges to make them smooth. In a small sauce pan heat some mineral oil, then melt in 1/2 cup of beeswax. Melt and then pour into a tempered glass jar and cool. Scoop some of the wax onto a clean cloth and rub onto your gourd. With circular motions treat your gourd. You can wipe away the excess wax after it sits for 24 hours. You want to repeat the wax process after every four uses. If you are not using your gourd to eat, make it how you want and hang on your wall or fireplace.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY Body Wash

This is what you need to get started

  • Food grater
  • Unscented bar soap
  • Measuring cup
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 3 tbsp. glycerin
  • Saucepan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Glass jar
  • Essential oil
Making your own bodywash is a great way of knowing exactly what is in it before using it. So to get started, you want to grate 2 cups of unscented castile soap into a saucepan. Then you will pour 1/2 cup of water into your pan. Then take glycerin and add 3tbsps into your mix. You want to put your burner on a low setting, keep stirring slowly with a wooden spoon until the mixture is fully dissolved. When the mix is dissolved, take the pan off the stove. Carefully pour your mixture into a mason jar. Once in the jar drop 20 drops of your favorite essential oil into the mix. You can store your mason jar in the bathroom just like you would any other body wash. This would also make a great gift idea, by just jazzing up the jar.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kool aid stains and kids

If you have kids, you have kool aid, and we all know how it stains. Here is a few tips on how to get it out of your child's clothes. The first thing you can do if you can, is to catch the stain as soon as it happens. For red Kool Aid the longer it sits the more chance it will remain there. If you catch the stain quickly a commercial stain remover may get the stain out. For a natural way to remove the stain, using vinegar with baking soda will help. Just sprinkle some baking soda liberally on the stain and then flood it with vinegar. This will cause a foaming action that lifts the stain out. You may need to repeat the process until the stain is gone. After doing this you can wash it as you normally would. Bleach is another option. Mixing a quarter cup bleach in cool water, and then placing your garment in the bucket and soaking for thirty minutes should remove Kool Aid. After this method you can wash also as you normally would.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gift Ideas for a first Wedding Anniverserary

A Wedding anniversary is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. The first one is the official acknowledgment of your marital bliss. To celebrate and for gift ideas, it can be from a extravagant party to a simple dinner. Just using creativity and resourcefulness can offer each of you a thoughtful first wedding anniversary gift idea.

A love letter is always a appropriate first wedding anniversary gift. It shows the romantic side of a person, and can later be framed to read at any time. Because it is using paper as the main gift, you can use the colors that we're used in your wedding, making it even more special. Handwriting it, also gives it a personal touch, as well as some extra charm. This can also be done if you wrote your own vows. These to can be framed and put on display, to share with everyone.

If giving gifts that are associated with the first wedding anniversary, fresh water pearls are the way to go. For her it can be a bracelet, or necklace. For him it can be in the form of a money clip, or cuff links.

A large celebration with family and friends is another way to celebrate. Why not have a reception all over again, and re-create your wedding day. On the other hand you may want to just celebrate with the two of you, and have a nice romantic dinner, and re-create the honeymoon.

Another idea is making a scrapbook of your first year together. This can include photo's, tickets to events, music lyrics, and other things you did as your first year of being a couple.

A unique idea is the first anniversary clock. Get a clock that can be personalized with your names and wedding date. Then on every anniversary as well as your first wind it up and let it chime.

You can never go wrong with another getaway. Maybe back to the same room where you went, or even a new location. It's one of the most popular things for a first anniversary gift. You can plan something together, or plan it as a surprise.

Also getting out the cake from the freezer and sharing another piece, with some bubbly.

What ever you choose to do, make it your own.

Dedicated to the new Mr. and Mrs. Justin Villari 8/6/11

Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY Cornhusk arrangement

I love fall and I wanted to share with my readers, how to make a fall flower arrangement using corn husks. To start you will need the following:
  • Corn husks
  • Indian corn husks
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Pins
  • Green florist's wreath
  • Florist's wire
  • Paper towel
  • Scissors

This is a great book for wreath tips. OK let's get started on our own DIY project using corn husks.

I love fall, it's one of my most favorite seasons. The colors, the smells, the food, I love it all. So I wanted to show how to make a great wreath using corn husks. This wreath looks great hanging on your front entrance door, or even making a few to hang on a fireplace. Where ever you choose to place it, it will look great and welcoming.

Step one: is to soak your husks in water for at least 30 minutes. After which you remove them and shake off any excess water. You then want to fold them in half and pin one layer around the outer edge of your florist
wreath. You then continue to pin until all is completely covered. Some husks may require a second pin. Step two: After that is done you want to stick your florist's wire stems into your wreath and make sure you secure them. Then place flowers all around to fill in your wreath. For extra glamore why not add some ribbons.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kindergarten tips for your little one

Kid's going off to kindergarten for the first time, can be a scary thing. So here are a few tips that will get them off to a good start, with you helping them at home.

Teach them just some basic concepts. Teach some simple words like in, on, next, top, under, same etc, etc. You can build these skills by getting your kindergarten child some workbooks at your local department store.

You will want to also teach your new kindergarten student the alphabet, do this with a alphabet song. Make all your teaching fun so they are not nervous. They don't have to be a expert but some basic knowledge really will help.

Knowing how to write their name is also a big plus. Also teach them their address and phone number. It is probly a good idea also if you have not already done so, to play the stranger danger game.

Teachers can get busy, teaching your child to put their coats and hats on will be a big help. Also how to undo their zipper or button in order to use the restroom. Learning to tie their shoes is another great help, unless you plan on using velcro.

If your child has not had much exposure to other children, you may want to work on simple friendship skills. Start with some playdates, even going to the bookstore for story time is a great idea. Teach your child that when playing a game, winning is not everything. Let them know it is nice to say hello to their new classmates, and let the other student know their name.

It may be a good idea to teach your child how to cut simple shapes with childrens scissors, and how to use glue or glue sticks.

It is always a great idea to teach your new kindergarten child manners that are basic, and some safety skills.

Most important go over rules on how you child will get to school if on the bus. What they should and should not do will make your child safe.

Here's hoping your child will have a happy and safe school year.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Your cats toys

Giving your cat toys, facilitates physical and mental exercise for them. This also leads to a healthier, and better behaved cat. It will strenghten the bond between owner and cat as well. Cat toys are only limited to the owners imagination, just make sure they are safe.

Your cat will play with almost anything, the key is to make sure it's safe. They are construed to prey, so anything that moves, they love. Anything that is moving gives them the chance to not only prey but to pounce. They also like toys that sit and are idle, that they can engage when they become curious of it.

Cats most enduring toys are strings, from yarn, twine, shoelaces or anything you can think of that is string form. Dragging them along the floor or draped over the edge of your couch will offer facilitating play. Some cats even enjoy strings with big knots in them.

Even a simple toy made from the owner using a flashlight or laser pointer makes great entertainment for a cat. These two toys provide play for hours. The rule of thumb is never aim the light source at your cats eyes. Moving the light source back and forth, up and down walls gives them endless play.

Another great toy idea is to sprinkle your catnip along the edge of a cardboard box or scratching post. It's very amusing to watch your cats reaction to this. Just use the catnip sparingly, as a special treat. Also it is easy to grow your own catnip in a small planter.

Last but not the least cats love fabric toys. This gives them the chance to use their claws as well as their teeth.
This is a form of rougher play however, but sometimes they need to use these type of toys so they don't use your furniture.

What every toy you use for your cat, just make it a safe one.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Kitchen Table Bakers Product Review

Today for dinner I made homemade pasta sauce, from my garden NJ tomatoes. And just when my family and I we're about to sit down and eat, there was a knock at my door. It was the mail man with a box. When we opened it, it was the perfect product to go with my dinner. One box of aged Parmesan cheese crisps, and one box of everything Parmesan cheese crisp.
I placed a few of each crisp around my salad bowl. Not only we're they appealing to look out, they we're a great compliment for the salad instead of croutons.

A little history about Kitchen Table Bakers, starts with a mother cooking in her kitchen at home. The idea was to make the highest quality best tasting food, with the best nutritious recipes. From this, the company was born. They produce gourmet wafer crisps, still in their home, at their Kitchen Table.

The first bite of the aged Parmesan crisp, was really good. Right away, I thought how good they would taste with other recipes. You could eat these crisps by them self, or with a bowl of soup, or even with a glass of your favorite wine. My favorite dips come to mind also, when tasting these crisps. This week I had planned on making a olive tapenade, and I will be serving it with the cheese crisps.

If you like a cheese wafer crisp that has a little of everything in it, then the everything Parmesan crisp is the way to go. With onion, poppy seed, garlic and their special blend of aged cheese your taste buds will have a party of their own. These crisps make for a healthy snack, or paired with your favorite fruit or jams. I would love to serve them on a elegant cheese platter for the upcoming holidays. My quests would really enjoy them, I'm sure.

If you want more information on these great tasting cheese wafer crisps, please visit the company online at their website . There you will find a wealth of information, on where to buy or order the crisps.

 Disclaimer: Momzblotter has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzblotter has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzblotter did receive a free product to try out so Momzblotter could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzblotter's thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your  opinions may differ.



Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer to Fall Wardrobe Ideas

With fall upon us, I wanted to give my readers some fall wardrobe idea's. It's a great idea, to layer your light sweaters. This makes a great way if it get's to hot, one sweater can be taken off. When cooler weather starts you can also layer a sweater over a turtleneck.

Sticking to your maxi dress, just add a nice shawl or a wrap to your long dress and you'll be set to go.

Don't rid yourself from wearing florals, pair them with some nice fall colors like orange, greens and browns, and you can keep right on using them.

Mini dress's your favorite, well don't let the cool weather stop you, just pair them with some dark tights and boots for a great trendy look.

Just by adding the perfect accessory you can swiftly get right into the fall wardrobe. Simple things like scarfs in pretty fall colors can be a great accessory. Changing the color of your handbag is another great fall tip. Handbags with lots of texture's work really well for fall.

What ever you choose, have fun with it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lavender Sachets for a Wedding

Lavender wedding sachets can be used in different ways at a wedding. You can hang them by ribbion at the entrance of your church for a scented decoration. Or hang them at the end of the pews. They make great wedding favors or gifts for your bridesmaids and flower girls. If you have a wedding program they can also be attached to it. You can also give them to your guests after your rehearsal dinner. However you choose to use them, they will be a great idea.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cheesy Squash Casserole

Your list:
  •  6-8 medium sized yellow squash
  •  1 can of Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soup
  •  1 small sweet onion
  •  2 cloves of garlic
  •  1 small can of dried onions
  •  1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
  •  salt and pepper
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • casserole dish

Super simple so lets get started. If you like squash and cheese you will love this recipe. This recipe is bursting with flavor. It will yield you six to eight servings. First thing is to get your oven ready, at 350 degrees. Get your casserole dish ready by spraying with a non stick spray. You will than slice your squash 1/4 inch thick. Chop your onion into small pieces. Chop up your garlic cloves. Now it is time to boil your squash, your onion and your garlic together. You want to cook this until you can pierce your squash with a fork. When the squash is tender you will drain the mixture and place into your casserole dish. Adding your butter, your cheese and your soup, mixing thoroughly. When you have you mixture spread evenly into your dish, sprinke with some dried onions, then bake at 350 for twenty five minutes or until your onions are golden brown.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just a few types of fall flowers

Extending your garden into the fall is easy with these types of fall flowers. In the still summer months some will be green foliage, but will bloom in the fall. They will provide you with color and contrast in your garden, as well as great cuttings for your table. The plants are hardy, and will be good until the first frost. The first one is your chrysanthemums, they provide you with a burst of yellows, oranges, whites, reds, burgundies and pale pink. Your sedum "Autumn Joy" is a great strong green foliage thru summer and starts to bloom into dark red flowers which will last till your first frost. Cosmos is another great fall flower, coming in white, purple or pink. They can even last a little past the first frost. Goldenrod produces flowers that look like plumes of fireworks. They are great for making floral arrangements, and also great to dry. Lastly is the Helianthus a flowering plant also known as the perennial sunflower. It is small, like a daisy, but attracts birds and butterflies until the first frost.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

DIY Watermelon lipgloss

  • 1 tsp Beeswax (chopped)
  • ¼ cup Vegetable or olive oil
  • Aluminum foil
  • 5 Small tins (Altoid tins work great)
  • Plastic spoon
  • Watermelon extract
The inventory list to start.

You want to start making your own makeup and save big bucks at the store, try this easy recipe for lip gloss. You will first pour your oil and beeswax into a safe microwave cup and microwave it for one minute. Making sure you stir it every 15 to 20 seconds, to make sure it melts completely. Then dip your plastic spoon into your mixture and place it on aluminum foil. You will then place your spoon into the freezer for one minute and remove. If your gloss is to hard you just add more beeswax to your mixture. Not shiny enough for you, add some more oil. Once you get your mixture where you want it, move to this step. Place five drops of watermelon extract into your mixture, this gives your lip gloss flavor and scent. Place your mixture into a empty tin and freeze. When your mixture is completely frozen, you will remove it from the freezer. Use your lip gloss yourself or use for a gift. Homemade gifts are great for friends and family.


Hat for mommy and baby

Please pay attention,there have different quantity.Please confirm it before you buy ! 【Size:Baby---23*15CM/9.1*5.9",Mom---30*4...